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21. Tom Kraak DotNetNuke SEO Interview

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Richard WoottonInterview by: Richard Wootton

Tom KraakWith: Tom Kraak, Seablick

This is a podcast interview with Tom Kraak from Seablick Consulting discussing Search Engine Optimization (SEO).


Following on from last month's interview with Jeff Smith, we have been lucky enough to get hold of Tom Kraak to continue our discussion on Search Engine Optimization within DotNetNuke


Here are some of the questions we asked Tom:

  • In previous interviews we have discussed Search Engine Optimization for general websites, could you outline the SEO techniques that you apply specifically to your DotNetNuke websites?
  • Is there anything we should bear in mind when adding content to a DotNetNuke website?
  • Is there anything we should try and steer clear of when adding content, and what could be damaging to the sites performance?
  • Do you feel that there are some bad practices out there that actually hinder your sites progress rather than help it? Are there some misconceptions about how SEO works and could you help set the record straight?
  • How would you design a skin so that it is fully Search Engine Optimized?
  • Could you explain how we can use 301 redirects to prevent duplicate content in DotNetNuke?
  • What do you see as the next step or the future for search engines?

listen to podcastListen to the Podcast...

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